D&D game needs new schedule.

Games will not start until about second week of September. Please let me know if Sunday after church will work, or what days or times per month you would like to attend.

One response to “D&D game needs new schedule.”

  1. Hey Jed, How ya doing. We met gosh in Feb of last year. Bell’s sisters husband, we stayed at Bell and Andrew’s house and you and family came over for lunch. I borrowed a bike from you and I mentioned being a curator of Asian American art. Realized I forgot to move your contact info from my phone to my computer, Thought I had your email but see just this blog. I can’t get the drift of it. A story your writing or a computer game? Now Marcus in 5 yrs old and am checking out bike seats to bike him to school. If my daughter allows – I biked her to school in Manhattan but that was in the 80s.

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