(D&D) East to Galentaspar


Our party has reformed. Nillaffin made it independently to Greenlaf Camp and later Lotheric, Annaeus, Petal, Eliza, Atalatie, Tiberius, and ____. Simon the Wizard introduced Avo to them, who told them of the burnt wagon of dead elves that approached Galentaspar.

Feltor, captain of Greenlaf Camp, rallied the troops and lead them east. They walked for days until they reached a toppled stone wall a few miles away from the shimmering desert. To the north and south two tall cairns of rock were visible, and to the east, a low ridge with tow small spires behind it. As they approached a burnt spear with a bit of leather tassle swaying on the breeze, the sky grew darker. Riders set out from the north and south cairns and before them the bones of fallen creatures wiggled and assembled into a skeleton army.

Thunder rolled and drow captains leading orcs on wargs lead an attack on the elves. Fear overwhelmed the eleven troops and a fifth of the elves were unable to retreat and were overtaken by the skeletons, orcs and drow.

Feltor retreated a few miles and the evil defenders fell back. A halk with a message from Simon alighted on Feltor’s shoulder and they whispered. A new plan emerges: Feltor suggests that the evil magic is to much for an army to pass, but not so much that simple trading parties are forbidden to travel through. The troops each threw in a weapon, and Feltor asked our party to pose as traders. Communicate by hawk in one week and let us know how you’re doing…and so Feltor took his troops home.

Lotheric lead the party to the southern cairn and they were approached by a small patrol of one Drow and two gray skinned elves. The party had to purchase trading licenses. In the tented town around this large cairn, the party didn’t withstand getting pickpocketed and was best with salespeople every few seconds. Pushing wards, they met Frank Whitestone of Atarius Arms.

Frank was not impressed with this rag-tag crew and Annaeleus was not super successful at selling the used weapons in a shop filled with bright shinny new weapons. But before they were kicked out, Lotheric bought an uncommonly endowed greatsword. Next they need to survive the evening and come up with fresh plans for the next day. How to find out about the magic of Atarius?


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