(D&D) Fall Season Wrap Up

Today I’m catching up the last few session to the end of the fall season. We’ve had great participation by our players, and two new regulars have appeared (Sawyer and Sander). Rob Johnson and his kids Axel and Soren are eager to return next season as well. A few brave parents have also offered to come to games as well (Mark and Rob).

Our heros have split into two groups: Liam, Jesse, Carl’s characters were attacking the cairn in Botilo. Shane, Allan, Henry and Brendan’s characters were still in Anitus, attacking the orcs around the cairn in that town.

In Botilo:

Our northern group defeated Wiri Bentspear fairly easily, and then fought some beefy orcs. One of them pushed the obsidian pyramid off the cairn, threw it in a backpacke and then out of the cairn, the stones fell and up rose a deamon. The fight was fierce, but they bested the demon. Then they freed a hundred slaves and helped defeat the remaining occupying orcs in the town.

In Anitus:

Our southern group captured Fray Underhof and ultimately killed him in a tense grapple where his throat was slit. The captain of the orcs went down next. Rushing out to the pavilion, Henry’s character climbed the cairn and pushed the obsidian
pyramid, which fell to the grouund, and cracked open. A circle of fire slowly spread from the point of impact and grew into a pentagram–being obsured as the sooty wings of a horned devil rose from the ground.

A horned devil is a vicious foe that could easily destroy them all. Devils, hating oathbreakers and betrayers above all others, strive to punish the unfaithful first, though. Levelling a firey gaze on our motley heros, he growls “Who imprisoned me for so long?”

Thinking fast, the group said, “It was the drow! In the gravel pit!” Making up a name on the spot, they said “Fasmere the drow wizard, below Galentaspar in the caverns of the drow!” The devil thanked them, stretched its wings and launched into the air trailing sparks and a sulferous stink.

The dark clouds over the region, familiar to all whom have seen the pyr1amids
at work, drifted away on an easterly breeze. Mist rolled in from the western
foothills and the first rain in two hundred years fell on Anitus.

Soon, fifty elves on horses and a hundred and fifty more on foot routed the orcs and drow that fled east to Galentaspar.

Everyone returns to Oaksparrow Camp in the mountains.

In a few days the heros had walked back to Oaksparrow camp where Feltor gladly greeted them and a feast began. Magical weapons were bestowed and our characters outfitted in better elven boots and cloaks. Feltor addressed the group:

Good has triumphed and the eastern slopes of the mountains are as safe as they have been for hundreds of years! But…our western slopes and our access to the bay are blocked by the same filthy evil creatures we bashished in the east! We are fewer, but now we are wiser…and we are stronger!

You freed from slavery are invited to our ranks, you will be fed, trained and outfitted. Our chances are good, but we are still outnumbered–enjoy tonight and we fill find our strengths renewed to liberate Sing’jar on the morrow!


The future of the campaign

  • Level your characters up or draw up a new character–but bring only one character
  • You may NPC your second character and the DM will keep them near
  • The plot will head west and liberate Sing’jar from the orcs occupying it
  • It will likely involve geurilla tactics
  • players are encouraged to draw maps with building for encounters
  • We hope to play in the Library, but not all times will be available, so we will have to use the hallway occasionally
  • STILL WANT A SECOND ADULT, I see no sign of this group ever being smaller. You will be encouraged to play, contribute or participate–because it is fun :-)


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