Sing’jar Avoids Devil Apocalypse!

barrel-headSo we enjoyed the presense of a new player today! So amazingly typical of our experience at Bellingham Unitarian. Our last game of winter season–where our mostly year long campaign of characters surviving the intrigues of the islands, the mountains and the deserts ends in a jump through a dimentional gate into an army of devils poised to invade the prime material plane right at our port city Sing’jar.

The humanoid figure of our resident bronze dragon from Dracofang island is twiddling a wand in his fingers: “…and if your trick with the two bags of holding doesn’t work, I also have an option–this wand has a single charge of planar gate. If you can use the stone giant to tip the monolith into the gate, the attack will be thwarted!”

Our heros were joined by a sorcerer, Soren, also lead in by the surly hobgoblin gaurds. Soren proposed “I can transform two hobgoblin captains into cloud giants to help create a distraction while we do our invisible flight to the monolith.” And in a minute two hobgoblin captains–polymorphed into cloud giants–race through the planar gate followed by our eight heros, turned invisible by the bronze dragon.

Laminon and Arjihan needed to cling to the belt of enlarged stone giant to keep up as it swept devils out of its path. They both suffered dammage from stray hits and eventually climbed up to the shoulders of the giant to avoid the fury of the ground battle. None too late, in less than a minute, the enlarged stone giant was in tatters from constant attack on all sides (55 dammage per turn). The giant would not live to reach the 600 feet to the monolith!

Thameor, our monk, turned into a bat. At 80 feet of movement at a dash, the best he could do was trail the stone giant. He would have carried the wand, but Soren insisted on taking it because he could fly faster. Just trailing the stone giant he was struck by swiftly flying spined devils and lashes from their tails. His time was not long, either.

Soren, keeping pace with the stone giant (at 120′ per turn) with his fly spell, was also taking modest dammage from the tails of the spined devils swarming around the giant. Blood from the giant was misting through the air it was being hit so often. There was no time to waste. Abandoning his fly spell, he cast dimension door after two turns and placed himself atop the monolith…

…but the swarm of spined devils orbiting the monolith was so dense he was hit by four as soon as his feet were planted! Two actually did dammage and at the base of the monolith was the rouge Erinyes commanding her legion. With a modest +8 she hit him with her longbow. He falls before he even has an attack–but casts the wand’s Gate spell as he falls–and ten feet above the ground covered with devils he is transported through the gate into the astral plane–followed by nine spined devils!

The other two cloud giants have died within four turns. Lotheric is 120 feet away, fighting hand to hand. Laminon and Arjihan dig through their satchels and pour a series of healing potions down the throat of the dying stone giant. It fights the last 120 feet to the monolith on its last turn with 1 health left! Arjihan and Lotheric unload two more potions and a greater healing spell. Maybe this will get the monolith overturned into the planar gate!

Dust clouds rise as the stone giant leans its weight into the monolith. The ground cracks! But a roll of 6 doesn’t meet a CR18 strength challenge of overturning the monolith and the giant is killed by repeated stings from bone devils. Arjihan and Laminon ride the shoulders of the giant as it slides down the face of the monolith. They are surely next!

Soren, in the astral plane, succeeds an intelligence check and speeds past the spined devils with modest dammage and zips back through the portal to the prime material plane! He polymorphs himself into a cloud giant and heaves the monolith backwards…

…and 200 points of dammage for 60 feet crackle as lightning erupts from the broken monolith as the planar gate shears the top of the giant stone in half. The Erinyes and a dozen bone devils and half our heros are all vaporized.

…but Sing’jar is safe! The bronze dragon sighs as he closes the portal, then casts earthquake to seal the tunnel and the remaining hobgoblin witnesses. The dragon takes normal form and flies towards Dracofang island, the temblor that crushes the artifacts that held the counter-portal to the devil assult opens two adjacent tunnels to dwarven communities abandoned for hundreds of years created at the end of Ludhold when orcs and drow overtook the eastern desert and created Galentaspar.

Forty year later, Sing’jar is a thriving city again. Shipping is brisk. Trading is vibrant. Neighborhoods are rebuilt and expanding. And youthful explorers seeking their fortunes heed the call of exploring companies adverstising that strong, brave people will make their fortune exploring the dwarven ruins below the Sing’jar mountains…