[D&D] Who buys treasures?

barrel-headIf you dig up treasures from the deep tunnels, how much time do you spend going into town and finding a buyer? Do you spend money on a booth in the market, or do you work with jewlers? Is finding other agents good to protect your time so you can focus on finding more treasures? Liam and I discussed this for a while.

Up and down the Sing’jar shore and out to the Faroth islands, trade is growing. New weath–the neauveau riche–are sprouting, buying land and building mansions around the bay. There would be plent of opportunities for successful traders and bankers to want to invest in a bit of splendor.

And banks. Yes…you can’t really have a large community without banks. Just one bank is not enought. There are banks on each of the Faroth islands. There are multiple banks in Sing’jar. The wealth of the elves is obscure, as is the wealth of the Octran islands. But the high elves in the mountians and the sea elves in the Octrans have a wealth of cultural knowledge and would be the destination for apraisers to visit when they found something out of the ordinary.

Do you keep your coppers and silvers under your bedroll? If you found a set of silver cutlery and gold candle sticks, would you rather melt it into an ingot of electrum? Maybe you need a an agent to buy your winnings at a predictable price.

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