(DnD) Three Levels of Plot

darkmoon-hairyspider2The AWOL gnomes from Faroth island stole a jeweled sword from a Yuan-ti captain. This news is heard by the Thieves Dragon Guild, established by Rodorax hundreds of years ago. This jeweled sword interests him in his dreams, and Rodorax’s dream voice speaks to the guild leader, establishing a grand bounty on the sword. Bring the sword to the cairn east of Galentaspar and be paid richly.

Well, what proud, devious and frustrated naval commander would not pay for such knowledge? What will happen when they all meet and the cairn east of Galentaspar? Who else has ears on that string, who would send our heros on their quest?

(D&D) Ley Lines and Underdark

I’m rather inspired that there’s a gaming history involving ley lines. A way for multiple fluxuations in the magical powers running through the earth that focus nacient energies. Flows of energy might interact in waves, constructive and destructive.

Consider the amount of minerals buried in the viens below Galentaspar. Not only dwarves noticed it — but orcs, drow, giants and dragons noticed it. Some grew to understand the warp and weave created by the mineral veins below what is now the gravel pit. Some areas are positive, others the opposite.

What areas summoned your characters? What areas repel them?