Future of Hydrogen Economy is Ammonia?

Hydrogen economy? Ammonia.

Anyway, I ran across a story. I just wanted to put it on people’s radar. I created a bit.ly link for the article. And I don’t know why I made it upper and lowercase. I shouldn’t have. But so it’s a bit.ly, bit.ly/NH3-Cracking. So cracking. NH3 is the chemical formula for ammonia. And this is an article which was just published that says: “A hydrogen breakthrough could be a game changer for the future of car fuels.”

Heard on Security Now ep 462. Quote from transcript.

Inverviews on Peak Oil

Below is a 20 minute video featuring interviews with Noam Champsky and Bill Mckibben and others on why the US seems legally bound and why CEOs may be too frightened to honestly confront peak oil and climate change.