Moving Planet – Bike Bellingham – Sat Sep 24

Who wants to join us at Columbia School?

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11am – Ten city bike rides from 10 schools in Bellingham, to converge downtown at City Hall and Library. Meet in front of: Happy Valley, Sunnyland, Kulshan, Shuksan, Fairhaven, Columbia, Larrabee, Silver Beach, WCC (meet in front of Laidlaw Building), WWU (meet in Red Square)

*Join your nearest listed school location, dressed up with decorated bikes,
helmets required, parents must accompany kids

– Bike Skills Course for Kids with everybody BIKE from 12-1pm
– Guest Speakers beginning at 1:15, including Mayor Dan Pike
– group photo just before 2pm.

2 pm – Advanced Ride to Cherry Point, with a send off from everyone else.

**Looking for volunteers AT event (setup, take down, bike skills course, resource collection), Please contact Jill at 360-201-3093 if interested (text ok) or email

***Thank you to the following sponsors: Sierra Club, Climate Solutions, Surfrider Foundation, RE Sources, Transition Whatcom, Cascade Community Wind, Forest Ethics, Adventures NW Magazine, SSC, Fairhaven Bike, Earls Bike Shop, Mount Bakery, Community Food Coop, The Bagelry, Jacks Bicycle Shop, Fanatik Bike Co, Kulshan Cycles and Hammerhead Coffee

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…pssst…pass this on and invite/add your Bellingham friends to this event!

Bike Bellingham Sep 24

The BikeĀ  Bellingham ride is a fossil fuel conciousness ride. Kids are encouraged to decorate bikes. I am interested in doing Bike Bellingham Sep 24 from Columbia School to the Library. This is obviously a short ride, should be good for kinders. If you’re interested in doing a bike decoration party, want to set a meeting spot at Columbia or the library, and maybe want to leave the rally early to engage in lunch at a playground, I’d like to hear your ideas.

Computing in a Post Peak Oil World?

I’ve been paying some attention to the notions of community, local economy and self reliance in the face of rising gas prices. Oil shortages and actually, any resource shortage, can also affect how we use computers. High energy prices makes computing more precious. Lack of resources to construct platic, rare earths for constructing magnetic componentry, all of these things can make the cost of computers, and our use of them, spin on a dime. This episode of The Commandline podcast takes a sharp look at post peak resource computing. I think it’s a great episode, and Thomas really pulled together some topics I had not considered related.

Inverviews on Peak Oil

Below is a 20 minute video featuring interviews with Noam Champsky and Bill Mckibben and others on why the US seems legally bound and why CEOs may be too frightened to honestly confront peak oil and climate change.

We Make Our Culture

…and we debate our culture a lot. It is interesting to me the difference between the passive observer and the hopeful evangelist. This bike forums thread is a perfect cap to my trip: a very two sided discussion about the power of cars in the Angeleno (and American culture).

We are faced with peak oil, global warming, and economic contraction. We are betrayed by global capitalism and no garuantees of a not-poor retirement, or even senior heath care.

How many generations of poverty will it take to convince Americans that a 80 mile commute and a house is not a reasonable expectation? One.

We already have solutions to obesity, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, smog, 40,000 annual traffic fatalities, road rage, chronic debt, auto theft, grid lock and suburban sprawl. Go live that solution, please. And you’ll be healthy when you get there.

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