Dinner Table Network Lab

Because I needed to document my Vlan setup, of course. Serial cable swapped between an OPNsense firewall and a Fedora box. Verified that I don’t have to set Vlans on the host ports to hand out multiple DHCP domains. It does hog switch ports, tho.

Anaconda has not really gotten better.

Consider the workflow: it does not ask you if you want to remove an old installation. It does not indicate that if you need to create LVM raid1 volumes, how you should do that. It does not offer any shortcuts on creating a mirrored LVM partitioning scheme. You get bullshit errors like ‘raid1 requires two disks’ when you clearly assigned two disks. It lets you click OK on settings without saving things. Like…why is there an “Update Settings” button at all? Or if you need that button, can’t you disable the left-hand column that allows you to select other partitions? This interface is NOT HELPFUL.

Grumpy thots on SELinux

I just spent an hour trying to get a Samba share running on Fedora 20.
It used to not take that long, I’m familiar with how to get Samba running,
how to create shares, and how to manage valid users and masks.

But when it still doesn’t work? Well, what other thing do you do–you
TURN OFF SELinux. Why do the Fedora guys wonder at the SELinux hate?
Because SELinux doesn’t return any hint that SELinux policy violations
are the root cause of the strange errors you get when doing even mild
customizations of services…like adding a Samba share.

Please…why cannot I see something like:

smbd: SELinux policy prohibits read of /home/jed/3plibs


Would that be so difficult? I guess those things get reported in SOME log, but
NOT IN THE LOG YOU LOOK AT, which is the logs for the service you are configuring.