Faroth: Repelling Bugbears

Jan 28 write-up by Liam. His characater is Lotheric, who appeared the episode following the courageous death of his first conflicted character that took on a bugbear in the Coliseum.

The session began with the introduction of  Liam’s new character, Lothric Emberwind, a young- ish soldier who had, before fleeing on the boat, been getting people on the boat, forcing them away from the monsters, and their homes. After he came to the ruins, he had a bit of an introduction to the party, but then Hilde’s character noticed, while climbing around, that a group of bugbears were heading straight for the town. Lothric, being the fastest runner of the party, ran off back to the village, to tell the guard. He and two of the guard rushed to where the bugbears were coming from, an old, abandoned creek bed, running alongside an ancient, giant statuary (group of statues). However, being that they were ancient, and a fire giant had come through here, the statues were but rubble on the ground, all that remained were there huge pedestals. Jesse’s character, and Brendan’s character crept behind the bugbears, and while the guard were distracting them, they hopped from pedestal to pedestal, before eventually casting mage hand and toppling a pile of boulders onto the bugbears. And that was the session.

One response to “Faroth: Repelling Bugbears”

  1. With all that running your heros do, they need to restock their energy stores with food: meat and grain, as opposed to surviving on dark ale from the Ax and Sparrow. Develop some recipes for DO roasted haunch of bugbear, fermented bugbear ankles as well as fried BB lingua in pureed liver – ummmm, GOOD!

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