Faroth: Island Actors

We would not have a sea-faring economy without any local color. Faroth is unique of the local seas for the amount of dwarves near shore. While the local sea elves were stewarded by the minotaurs, the Forge Dwarves were stewarded by the ancient stone giant. With the defeat of the stone giant and the sacking of the main island, the forge dwarves mostly scattered back to the continent, but were not warmly greeted at Sing’jar, being belittled as water-loving hammer splashers. Eventually, a good number of the scattered forge dwarves settled on Darthil island, since they could make the mostly barren island home by burrowing into the the old pointed peaks of that granite island. They founded Nor’Darthil and Wor’Darthil after burring under Smopek peak and building Smopek casle between the Smopek and Worpek peaks. These are our Southern Forge Dwarves. They build in a variety of the trace metals found beneath the peaks, mining slowly, and mostly providing high quality sailing mechanicals for the islands.

Just off the north east limb of Darthil island, a rare cold water coral ring, Mao’Un’Il atol, is home to an ornery community of sea elves that refuse to align themselves with the minotaurs or the Faroth Trade Charter. Trade on the island is banned to Charter members as they are labeled heretics and black clerics of Vecna on the main island. The South Faroth Forge Dwarves pay them no mind, however, and leave them in peace, knowing the worth of being left alone.


To the east an hour’s sailing in fair weather, we have Dracofang: island of the tallest granite peaks of the south Faroth chain of islands. There is one lonely pier on the island, but no houses, boats, huts or smoke. Large creatures can be seen flying about the Fang and Nail peaks of the island. People just leave it alone.

Northeast is Clayton island, as small as Dracofang, but much larger a port of call for honest seafolk. With more vegetation, the shortest peak, this island supports a community of sheepherds and potters that get along well with the fishing captains of Clayton port. Evota Lintara, Lady Mayor of Clayton, is a sage wood elf that appears to hold piracy of the other islands at bay.

  • Captina Yvennoi, Human, female, member FTC, LG
  • Capt Mimletti, Elven, female, member FTC, LG
  • Capt Dimpt’mu, Half Orc, CN
  • Capt Mon’Eu-Lon, Half Sea Elf, CG
  • Capt Jilloa, retired, Elf, LG, is also Sherrif of the island

An easy sail north east is Willow island, home of tough fishing captains and tougher crime bosses. Nelson Bay is a rough marina to walk about in: half orcs by the dozens wield sharp fishing knives cross the pier from their boats, gutting fish and dumping the offal directly into the marina. Chained goblins haul carts of fish and scarred sea elves with short swords prod prisoners into market carrying cargo on their backs.

  • Capt Coudohn, Reefnetter, Human, CN,
  • Capt Kolin, longliner and trawler, Sea Elf, female, LN, member FTC
  • Capt Tincut, Deep sea fisher, Minotaur, CN
  • Capt Oppinok, longliner, humna, LG, member FTC
  • Boss Mamj’ik, stolen tool trader and pawn shop owner, CE
  • Boss Limpleg runs a protection racket, LE
  • Boss Mierra, trader suspected pirate, CE
  • Boss Asomi, magical and cursed items, LE

The mayor of Nelson Bay is Bard Slomtip, Human, NE. Slomtip seems to know people before they even dock. He paces atop his balcony in the mornings with field glasses and calls for regular trade reports. He pays in gold for trade advice and while no one witnesses it, gambles behind closed doors at each of the bars in the bay, a different bar each night. A room is reserved just for him at each establishment.

In sight of all the islands is proud Shadow Peak of South Faroth island. Large enough to foster three towns, the long ridge Shadow Peak divides the northern Perval Bay from the southern Bibbon Bay. Hidden just south of Bibbon Bay is Shadow Cove, sporting a single pier and a huts of a transient pirate community no one keeps track of, but is ruled by Boss Junton Grimjaw, LE.

Perval Bay is a troubled place: the mayor of north Perval, Crown Gobjaw, a thickly muscled half orc male, NE, is no friend to Lady Mayor Mighlia, a NE drow elf wizard that protects her pier with many spells. Haughtier than both is the very rich mayor of South Perval, Lord Lindon, LE, member FTC.

Bibbon Bay is a much simpler, nicer place, yet strict out of necessity. Mayor Priest Moyan, LG, member FTC, sets strict curfew and overnighters must attend morning service or be jailed in South Bibbon. To the north, Bibbon proper, Lady Mayor Cinnitta, member FTC, is a tall, thin elf and friend of gnomes, preferring to sell their clever wares to the mainland. Her warehouses are built into cliffs at the toes of Shadow Peak and protected by a grove of enchanted trees. No dwarven wares, or beer, is legal to sell in Bibbon, only elven and sea-elven food is legal to sell. Clever people trade many illegal things in Bibbon proper as a rogue’s challenge, and hanging prison cages line the back streets as punishment for such offenders.

Clearly, there is absolutely nothing to do in the south Faroth islands!wp-image-349014857jpg.jpg

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