Faroth: Exploring the Prison

(Feb 25, Liam reporting.) In the party this session, we had Brendan with his bard, Dillon with his sorcerer, Allan with his paladin, me (Liam) with my fighter and Sunny with her rogue.
They started by deciding that they would like to explore the dwarven mines some more, and entered through the large pit near the library. It was early morning as they descended into the dark pit, following along a staircase carved into the wall. Every rotation around the pit finished with a small stone landing, each of which had been numbered, the first 1,1, the second 1,2 and so on. Eventually, at landing 1,6 a small tunnel branched off through the wall. Being the adventurers they are, our party ventured into the tunnel, which was very dark, illuminated only by the light of a rock Lammanon (the bard) had cast light on.
The tunnel had somewhat smooth, carved walls, but the further they travelled from the entrance, the more ragged their surroundings became, eventually seeming like a natural tunnel, albeit without any protrusions from the ceiling or floor. As they marched, they began to notice a slight sheen on the rocks, and the faint sound of water dripping from the ceiling.
After travelling about a quarter mile, they came to a fork. The path on the right led slightly upwards, while the path on the left led steeply down. After some discussion, they began to venture down the left path, in which the faint amount of water began to increase slightly. Feeling paranoid, Baron Ultrapoor (Dillon’s sorcerer) donned his ring, said to render him invisible while in the shadows. After heading on for a while, the party began to notice and incredible stench, like that of rotting meat. They quickened their pace, and eventually reached another fork. To the left, they observed a faint, yellowish light, similar to that of fire, and to the right there was a small amount of white light, shining on a stone wall.
Ultrapoor, being invisible, went to scout out the path to the left, while Lammanon and Lothric (my fighter) checked out the wall. The Baron found himself at the edge of a wall, and below him, a huge throne room, lined with statues of dwarves wielding lit torches, with one statue fallen onto the floor, smashed. Lammanon and Lothric, after walking a couple yards to the light source, found a wall, doused in faint natural light from above, and on it a metal ladder, with many of its rungs missing or rusted.
They all met back at the fork, and Lammanon and Lothric recognized the throne room as the one they had ventured through several days ago, so with seemingly no other options, our party headed over to the ladder.
Sunny’s character, being the most dexterous, began to climb the ladder, carrying Lammanon’s rope. After making it up almost forty feet, she placed her foot down on a rusty bar, and it collapsed. She screamed as she fell down, just barely being caught by Lothric. Embarrassed, and still a little winded, she rested for a few moments, and began to climb again. This time she managed to climb all the way up about seventy feet, at which there was a hallway in the otherwise solid wall. She pulled herself into the hall, and tied the rope to the nearest rung, significantly shortening the climb for the rest of the party.
After they were all up in the hall, they began to trudge on, with Lothric plugging his nose due to the stench of rotten meat, and everyone else but Baron Ultrapoor looking somewhat disgusted. As they walked, they noticed that there was no noticeable water in this tunnel, and is was almost ten feet wide, allowing for them to walk side-by-side comfortably, but none of them noticed the high, dark ceiling. Led by the invisible Baron Ultrapoor, and Gragor (Allan’s Paladin), wielding the illuminated stone, they continued along, and they began to smell that disgusting scent, albeit ten times stronger.
Suddenly, in front of them charged two re-animated, zombie dwarves, wielding large pickaxes, their flesh so decayed it was hardly distinguishable from the shaft of their picks. Everyone quickly drew their weapons as the zombies were rather slow and were almost ten feet in front of them. As they brandished their swords, Gragor felt the whistle of movement on his back, and Lammanon, Lothric, and he turned around to face a large corpse, brandishing an axe seemingly grafted to its arm.
Combat ensued, with the Baron being particularly targeted, despite his invisibility, and both he and Gragor were temporarily downed, before a combination of acid, arrows, and a great sword eventually defeated the undead!
The Baron and Gragor were rallied, and returned to life. As they continued along the passage, it sloped down, and eventually they discovered a staircase, and much more water trickling across the floor. They travelled down, and came across a bolted door, and much more water, almost half an inch deep, on the floor. Sunny’s character, with her lock picking expertise, managed to open it, after almost half an hour of trying, and they used a broken slab of stone from the stairs to prop the door open so the it would remain ajar.
Through the door, they entered what appeared to be an ancient prison, with cell upon cell, many with ripped bars and knocked down doors, others with corpses…now skeletons, if not dust. In some places, there were alcoves in which sat stacks of human sized canvas bags, faintly stained, and disgusting. By now, the party had linked the terrible smell they had noticed earlier back to Dillon’s ring, and he took it off, removing the stench. On the ceiling of the hallway, they saw what appeared to be large birdcages hung from chains, some with limbs hanging out, others with bones below them.

After about twenty minutes of walking, and listening to nothing but the splashing of water falling from the ceiling, and their own footsteps. In front of them, they began to see what appeared to be a kneeling human, cradling a glowing object. They tried to communicate with it, but it only responded in short one or two word sentences, such as “I am feeding.” The Baron donned his ring, but sensing the stench, the creature swatted him away, nearly killing him.

A battle ensued, and multiple characters were downed, but in the end the creature was killed, and when it was, it disguise melted away, revealing its true identity, a sea hag. They carefully used mage hand to pick up the previously glowing object, which was now just a ruby.

To be continued. . .