[D&D] Meet Noomi

Noomi Rockslayer, son of Kiven Stormskin, Minotaur fighter, traveler of caverns and heir to the throne of Gorith. Sent adrift through the caves of the world after being denounced by his father for his small size.

Noomi Rockslayer seeks money, power, and to one day…rule the greatest kingdom in the world! That would show his father just how wrong he was. He seeks fame and respect, for these things (that would be his right) have been wrongfully denied him. Noomi wishes not to touch the light of day until he has proven himself worthy of the respect that he desires. He wishes to collect the riches of the earth–and with them build his empire!

Noomi Rockslayer knows about beholder…their twisted minds and forms to match…born into this world literally of nightmares. Beholder horde their treasure deep within the earth where it cannot be found…they spend their days planning contingencies–and at night they dream, horrible terrifying dreams that would kill any sane creature! Yes Noomi knows of them–he knows what they are, how they act…but most importantly: he knows to stay well enough away from them, lest they (in their paranoid insanity) deside that he is a threat…