[D&D] Exile of Fluvenilstra

two-mushroomsBefore conciousness ever developed, De’dee-dad’m was whisked as a spore from an explosion of rock chips deep in the Underdark into a planar portal into another world. De’dee stuck to a rock that felt wrong for many centuries until an earthquake, a small breeze and a drip of water gave him the strength to grow.

A century later, after growth and fruiting and emitting De’dee’s own spores, he fosters a circle of myconids in a deep cavern full of violent bipedals that constantly break the rock. This confuses De’dee, because it disturbs the mycelium he and his myconids try to grow. Luckily, a great earthquake broke open new fissures, bringing forth more water and more minerals and even a stream of organics from a distant surface never tasted before.

The circle spread upwards into a chamber with flat surfaces and a magical warmth that De’dee would instinctively cherish. If he went too close to it, he would get sun sick,  but at the correct distance, it brought stories of far away places and news of the surface. Many magical beings existed on this world, and De’dee and the Dad’m circle learned that their heritage belonged to a material plane inaccessable to them. Here there were things such as day-elves, giants and dragons that were foriegn to De’dees fruiting forefathers. There was a personality in the energy they talked to: Eatur-Ima. Eatur was from a place of energy and was continually baffled by the lack of light, wind and energy in this world.

jewelTwenty years ago, the rock sang with foot prints and the Dad’m circle shrunk and hid in the walls of the chamber. Bipedals broke into the chamber and stole Eater-Ima, and with that violation, the circle of Dad’m lost it’s link to the stories of the other worlds.

Since then, the circle of Dad’m strove to grow, expand and learn. They know that there are hundreds of bipedals, thousands of arachnids, and hundreds of spirits in the tunnels below the mountains of Sing’jar. They know the stories of elves, dwarves, devils and even druegar trying to survive in the deep cracks of the earth.

But they miss the warmth and knowledge of Eater-Ima, and would share a hundred stories with the heros who would return Eater to the chamber of Dad’m.

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