[panorama] Calico Ghost Town Schoolhouse

I’ve clearly cooked the color on this a bit. However, this is more like what you would get after (mythical) rain. The color of the sediments in the Calico hills are quite impressive, and I don’t think I over-did it. Hugin HDR stitch, 3x1ev bracketing; Gimp: grey overlay, color enhance layer.


Calico Fire Wagon

Here is an HDR panorama experiment. I stitched with Hugin and eported as a HDR tiff which LuminanceHDR let me play with. I settled on the Fattal operator on this one. Impressive how much the pre-gamma adjustment can let you do.


Bell Telephone Sign

I saw this at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California. Jesse was just getting over a cold and Liam was getting badgered by me to drink water. It was only about 99F that day. I got to see the inside of a diesel train, that was neato.

Bell Telephone Sign, Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris, CA, 2008

Print Version.

Once again, angles and geometry. The Bell System is the forefather of my work…Unix and Linux and what.