Going Too Fast [pano desktop background]

I found this on my walk with Jay. He has a trash pile tucked away in his property, left my many previous owners. Tires, TVs, old appliances, all covered over with blackberries and moss.


Driving console found in trash pile

Pentax K10D 50mm, 800iso, f3, 1/30-1/100 bracketed. HDR pano in Hugin; three layers in Gimp: gray, color enhanced.

2014-01-01 Skagit View of Olypics [wide wallpaper]

I absolutely loved this view. I got this with a 300mm lens, 1/250@f/5, Pentax K10D, and a monopod. This did not start out as an HDR image; I got a lot more contrast into the mountains using Gimp. And that is what I wanted. I’m learning that an Overlay layer works really well for a ND filter.


(Original size of this picture was 10500×1280. This is the first time I actually ran my workstation out of memory while using Gimp, even. I was using over 3.6G ram on this picture, and I should have had much more available but I’m running a development version of Gimp.)

2014-01-01 Skagit Preserve Apenglow [wide wallpaper]

I have never seen such amazing cloudscapes except in Skagit county. And luckily, even if they are not just quite as vivid as what I cook up, they offer me the inspiration of pre-visualisation.


Another note I must add is that Hugin is now easier than ever to use. I really appreciate Hugin and every time it becomes easier to use — and this time I added a 1.66 bracketed stack of exposures — it did wonderfully. I added essentially a 4-stop ND gradient (mutiply) on this sky to get the sky and ground about equal in Gimp.

2013-09-01 Padilla Bay Oxbow

Padilla Bay Oxbow

Padilla Bay Oxbow

2013-09-01 Padilla Bay Oxbow

This was a  bit of a challenge to cook up. I ended up with four layers in Gimp: a desaturated bw as a hard-light layer, a ND layer over the sky, and a color-enhanced layer to bring the sky color into the foreground ponding. This was surprising done on my lappie, and I would have had an easier time on my workstation. The radical variation in the exposure at the south had blown the exposure out to almost the middle of the original panorama.