Padilla Bay at the end of 2014

This is one of the few times I have tried an HDR process with Hugin and Luminance HDR. Please tell me what you do not like about it, curious if it matches what I don’t like about it. I did go in an chew on it with Gimp for a bit, I wanted the sky and ground a bit darker at different levels. I’m clearly faster at it using Gimp.

Padilla Bay

Padilla Bay

2013-10-06 Flight of the Heron [panorama]

So this was a bit of a challenge, mostly because I had to stitch together two different series of photos to help fill up the sky enough to get a level pano. Also, I’ve never needed to mask-out so many photos before. But this was a time-series. One of the things I noticed was that the exposure around the stitches looks odd. Also, the exposure at the east end and the south end was wildly different. I had to level it out with a giant lateral fade in Gimp to get the exposure much closer to even.


Flight of the Heron


Let me know what you think!

2013-09-01 Padilla Bay Oxbow

Padilla Bay Oxbow

Padilla Bay Oxbow

2013-09-01 Padilla Bay Oxbow

This was a  bit of a challenge to cook up. I ended up with four layers in Gimp: a desaturated bw as a hard-light layer, a ND layer over the sky, and a color-enhanced layer to bring the sky color into the foreground ponding. This was surprising done on my lappie, and I would have had an easier time on my workstation. The radical variation in the exposure at the south had blown the exposure out to almost the middle of the original panorama.