Two 3x Monitor Backgrounds from Deception Pass

I had good fun with my camera on Memorial Day. Been a while since I filled up a memory card.

Since I have such a nice computer at work, I’ve decided that I refocus my photography towards landscapes, and put out multi-desktop wallpapers.

Mt Baker from Aldrich Rd (Panorama) 2010-02-19

Here’s an attempt at making a very wide desktop background: 2560×1024. There are obviously better photos I could have chosen, but this one was recent. I think I need to figure out how to turn my bicycle into a tripod. I could certainly lose the shake, even on a 28mm lens.

Mt. Baker from Aldrich Rd, 2010-02-19

Mt. Baker from Aldrich Rd, 2010-02-19

Feel free to tease me about this photo. You can even do that on twitter now: @jed_reynolds or @bitratchet.