Programming Standing Up

After listening to a Science Friday report on the correlation between TV time and mortality, I’ve decided to stop sitting at my desk. I’ve propped up my keyboard and monitors with boxes. I’ve done it for a week now. My calves and shins are tired, but my legs don’t get fidgety, or fall asleep or get uncomfortable from sitting for long stretches.

I’m going to have to raise my monitors higher. I think my neck is going to tire out. When I cycle home after work, I definitely notice my neck more–bending my head up. My monitors are lower than they used to be. Happily, I think this indicates that the ergonomics of my monitors were very correct for my sitting posture, because I never noticed any neck strain before.

I’d thought about doing this a year ago, but I immediately jumped into a “what do I have to build” and started over-engineering the issue. Cardboard boxes are working for the present.