Winter 2020 DnD Schedule

Greetings, gamers! Please bring lunch, dice and character sheets.

Jan 5
Jan 12
Jan 19

Bellingham Folk Festival is Feb 24-Feb 26th.

Feb 2
Feb 9
Feb 23

We do not know what the March schedule is at this time. This post will be updated when events like rehearsals are scheduled.

Mar 1?
Mar 8?
Mar 15?
Mar 22?
Mar 29?

Spring 2019 DnD Schedule

We will be meeting either in the I street vestibule or the Library. Games run from 12:15pm to 3:30pm. Bring lunch.

  • April 7 lets game!
  • April 14 lets game!
  • NO DND on April 21: Easter
  • NO DND on April 28: LinuxFest Northwest at BTC
  • May 5 lets game!
  • NO DND on April 12: Mothers Day
  • May 19 lets game!
  • NO DND on April 26: Memorial Day–go camping, gamers!
  • June 2 lets game!
  • June 9 lets game!
  • June 16 Last game of season.

Liam’s group will continue playing 3.5 edition and Alan’s group will continue 5th edition.


(D&D) Fall 2018 Schedule

barrel-headWe will meet downstairs in the Library and meditation rooms. Possibly meeting in the I street hallway if the Library is scheduled. We’re pretty easy to find. Dates are subject to change, please bookmark this post.

  • Sept 2nd
  • Sep 9
  • Sep 16
  • Oct 7
  • Oct 14
  • Oct 21
  • Nov 4
  • Nov 11
  • Nov 18
  • Dec 2
  • Dec 9
  • Dec 16

Please bring lunch and your character sheets. If you do not update your character sheets at home, leave them with Jed in the red folder.

D&D Spring 2018 Schedule

spider-darkmoonWe are beginning a new campaign: forty years after the brief occupation of Sing’jar, the city is still rebuilding and new trade opportunities abound. Your characters join an exploration company mapping and extracting artifacts from the newly discovered tunnels under the Sing’jar mountains.

Adventure news posted here: /category/Faroth-Game-Night/

Meeting from 12:00 – 3:30 on these Sundays:

  • April 15
    • season kickoff! have your characters posted on blog by now!
  • May 6
  • May 13
    • and Mother’s day
  • May 20
    • congregational meeting (quiet!)
  • June 3
    • sanctuary recital (quiet!)
  • June 10
    • season finale

faroth-category-qrPlease bring lunch and snacks. We will meet in the in the I-Street hallway. The Library is booked, and dedicated for Quiet Time between 11:30 – 12:30.  Please don’t congregate in the library.

This is a short season. I would encourage players to extend the experience by emailing me their own adventure essays and backstories.

(D&D) Next Game Dec 3

We’re approaching the last three games of the Fall Season. Usual times: 12:00pm – 3:30pm December 3rd, 10th, 17th

I have some improvements for the next few games: some extra Player’s Handbooks and another vinyl map so we can run separate groups more easily.

It would be great to have another adult to help.

Faroth: Games until Summer

barrel-headI’ve decided to run this as a seasonal campaign:

and we’ll stop for summer. Most members of the game are prolly going camping or traveling while the kids are out of school. I’m going to openly discourage new characters for this game for the rest of the session. People may attend, but new level 1 characters would be too much of a distraction at this point. Our Faroth adventure should probably end by following the plot east and seeing what good our characters can do for Sing’jar, or discover who leads the orc army. Getting our characters up to level 6 would be a reasonable achievement. Would be a nice idea to do a bagel breakfast on that day.

  1. May 20
  2. June 3
  3. June 10
  4. June 17
  5. June 24 Ending early, 12:00pm

During the summer:

I would be up for some small games during the summer–so please contact me so we can set up some stuff for summer. I’ve other D&D 3.5E worlds banked at the back of the fire we can rake forth and puff life into.

We’ll continue in fall:

And I would like to continue the adventure in the Faroth/Sing’jar world. If that’s an issue, and you’d like to propose a new world, I’ll hear your proposals. New characters will be welcome, and will probably be leveled up very quickly by being associated with higher-challenge adventures. I propose to begin on the Saturday before school starts: August 26th (subject to change).

  1. Aug 26
  2. (Skip Labor Day weekend, people usually travel, if not: LMK)
  3. Sep 2
  4. Sep 9
  5. Sep 16
  6. Sep 23
  7. Sep 30


Faroth: Upcoming Games

Here are updates on the game calendar:

  • April 1: no game. Reynolds family unavailable.
  • April 8: normal game. Jesse Pickard will return!
  • April 15: normal game
  • April 22: normal game
  • April 29: normal game
  • May 6: no game. Consider attending LinuxFest Northwest! That’s where most of the Reynolds family will be.
  • May 13 normal game
  • May 20 normal game
  • May 27 normal game