Samish Bay Log

This is an attempt at a macro-panorama. I found an unexpected bit of color in the enhancement which gives it a bit of a wild edge. I might post a b+w version, let me know if you’d like to see it.Image

Driftwood, Point Roberts, 2006

I don’t clearly recall this trip. I think I was on autopilot the whole time, getting used to a life of small kids, constant server failures, lots of caffeine and less sleep. It must have involved crossing the border. I wonder if this was the trip we tried visiting the UBC campus and got lost trying to get back to Freeway 1 to get home. Probably. The signage in Vancouver BC sucked. Miracle we made it out with our lives.

Driftwood, Point Roberts, 2006

Driftwood, Point Roberts, 2006

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Is there something wrong with the balance of this photo? How would you crop it differently? I find a lot of interesting elements, but I think I study it too much. Should it focus on the rock, or the shadowy face it paints?