These Robots Want Homes

Mary at The Foundary Makerspace showed me a spectrum of robots that want homes. These are all programmable robots, and some are tablet controlled. Contact Mary Keene through The Foundary’s website or Mary’s Facebook page.

We’ll start with the classroom robot kit made for programming with SolidWorks. It has a programming book as well.

IMAG1120 IMAG1121 IMAG1119 IMAG1118 IMAG1122 IMAG1129

Next is the Bioloid. This is apparently a tournament soccer robot very popular in South Korea.. You control it and program it with a tablet. Programming can be very advanced.

IMAG1123 IMAG1125 IMAG1126 IMAG1124

The last one is a faithful Lego NXT kit. This looks like a first generation, but these still work well.

IMAG1127 IMAG1128

Old Shingles and House Painting

One of the calls. I got from the painting contractor was about my cedar shingle siding on my upper story.  It was not in terrible shape, but the shingles were brittle.  Too brittle to scrape even though they were not bowed.  (Bowed shingles being a sign of expiration.)

Next paint job, or probably sooner, it will be time to replace those with hardiboard. 

Brooks saddle

I completely wore out my old wtb saddle which had been with me for about three bicycles.  Now,  with a longer commute, I figured I could easily break in a Brooks. I’ve gone about 60 miles on it with 25 of them in torrential rain.  The instructions on Brooks website suggest stretching the saddle every six months.

The way it presently sits isn’t particularly comfortable.  I slide down to the center of the. Saddle and also keep pushing. Myself back to the rivets where the saddle doesn’t try to rub my perineum.  It’s this a common experience? I’m also tempted to tip the nose of the saddle higher so I don’t slide forward as much. You can clearly see the nose is really high already.  Was very tempted to bend the dang thing into a different shape but I calmed down after that grouchy ride. Advice?